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Fully Automatic Preformed Bag Packing Machine for Toilet / Kitchen Towel Rolls

Product ID: Tissue Paper Packing UC-830-MB Series (15)

Fully Automatic Plastic Preformed Bag Packing Machine
- For unwrapped or wrapped toilet/kitchen towel rolls

• Tissue rolls lay-down configuration array type to be selected
• Tissue rolls errected  configuration array type to be selected
• Standard type for rolls of 2-Row
• Standard model for 1-layer type of arrayed configuration

• Multi-line rolls arraying type by distributor to be optional
2-layer arrayed configuration with up/down system to be optional

Front-process can be arranged by alignment system
- For automatic feeding
The production line can be arranged integrated feeding
- From toilet/kitchen towel roll machine by distributor
Different configuration might need different spec. of machine

  • Fully automatic pre-formed bag packing:
  • For toilet/kitchen overwrapped or unwrapped toilet/kitchen rolls.
  • Plastic pre-formed bag packing.
  • High accuracy mechanical cam system
  • Programmable logic control (PLC)
  • Inter-faced touch screen monitor operation (HMI)

  • High possibility wrapping arrangement
  • Wrapping bag film material: HDPE (Preformed Bag)
  • Automatic wrapping film cutting trimming system
  • Products conveyed by pusher arms
  • Products to be pushed into opened bag automatically
  • The bag is opened automatically
  • Packed bag sealed automatically

  • Rolls lay-down type
  • Rolls errected type
  • Rolls 1-layer configuration type
  • Rolls 2-layer configuration type

♦ Detailed & final configuration arrangement to be discussed.

* The products of sample shown in photograph are for wrapping application reference only. 

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Order Information:
  • Minimum Order: Negotiable
  • Branded Product
Contact Detail
CEO:Mr. F. Y. Lu
Contact:Sales Department
Head Office:12th FL-4, No. 201, Fu-Shing North Road, Taipei 10596, Taiwan
TEL:886-2-87126099 (Rep.)
FAX:886-2-87126096 (Rep.)

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