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Tissue Paper Converting & Packaging Machinery

Tissue Paper Converting & Packaging Machinery

Tissue Paper Products Making Machinery

Product ID: Tissue Category-Converting & Packaging Sector(1)

UNIMAX GROUP is a group company with years' experience in the field of manufacturing and development of household, hygienic, institution and personal care tissue processing machinery. We are proud of our well-experienced engineering team and enjoying good reputation in the world market as well as specialized in supplying the tissue paper converting and packaging machines to make facial tissue either plastic bag or in box, paper napkin/serviette, hand towel, toilet / kitchen towel rolls, industrial / maxi / catering roll, etc.


■ Facial tissue making machine
  °  Automatic converting model
  °  Fully automatic converting with auto-transfer type
  °  Fully automatic paper box sealing-packing machine
  °  Plastic stripe handle sealing machine

■ Fully Automatic facial tissue plastic wrapping machine
  (Soft pack, Nylon pack, Overwrapping)

■ Automatic Hand Towel paper converting machine
   • V-fold, Z-fold, N-fold, M-fold, C-fold

■ Toilet Roll/Kitchen towel converting machine
   • Automatic type
     (Start-stop-start re-winding & cutting/gluing/ lamination)
   • Fully automatic type
     (Non-stop re-winding & cutting / gluing / lamination)
   • Special application re-winding machine
      - For industrial/catering/maxi tissue hand towel roll 
   • Compound type JRT/RT/KT rewinding machine
      - Equipped with fully automatic JRT log cutting machine
      - And/Or for RT/KT log cutting machine

■ Paper Napkin/Serviette/Surgical towel converting machine
   •  Mechanic Band Saw type (2-lane to 6-lane, 1-deck to 3-deck)
   •  Suction type (Single-folding or Multi-folding system)
   •  1-color to 4-color printing or non-printing type
   •  1-embossing or 3-embossing type
   •  Continuous overall embossing or border embossing type

■ Tissue products packaging machine
   • Automatic facial tissue overwrapping machine (Soft pack)
   • Automatic facial tissue flow double-side folded packing machine
   • Automatic napkin paper overwrapping machine (Soft pack)
   • Automatic napkin flow double-side folded packing machine
   • Automatic hand towel paper overwrapping machine (Soft pack)
   • Automatic multi-pieces overwrapping machine       
     - For toilet / kitchen towel rolls
   • Automatic multi-pieces pre-formed bag packing machine
     - For toilet / kitchen towel rolls
   • Automatic multi-pieces pre-formed bag packing machine
     - For box packed facial tissue boxes
     - For soft packed facial tissue bags
   • Semi-Auto multi-pieces pre-formed bag bundle packing machine
   • Plastic stripe handle sealing machine
     - For multi-pieces box packing
     - For multi-pieces soft packed bag packing

 ■ Tissue sleeve bundle wrapping machine
    - For Kraft paper or plastic film wrapping
   • 1-Roll material bundle wrapping type
   • 2-Roll material top-bottom bundle wrapping type

 ■ Log-Saw cutting machine
   • Toilet / kitchen towel roll cutting type
   • Maxi / Industrial roll cutting type
   • Facial tissue / Hand towel cutting type
■ Gang-saw cutting machine
   - For converted tissue 

■ Paper core making machine
   • Paper tube making series
   • Paper tube cutting series

Order Information:
  • Minimum Order: Negotiable
  • Branded Product
Contact Detail
CEO:Mr. F. Y. Lu
Contact:Sales Department
Head Office:12th FL-4, No. 201, Fu-Shing North Road, Taipei 10596, Taiwan
TEL:886-2-87126099 (Rep.)
FAX:886-2-87126096 (Rep.)

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