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Single Axle Paper Slitting & Re-Winding Machine

Single Axle Paper Slitting & Re-Winding Machine

Single Shaft Paper Slitting-Rewinding Machine

Product ID: Paper Slitting & Re-Winding Machine UH-816 Series(43)

■ Automatic Paper Slitting & Re-winding Machine
  Model: UH-816 

◊ Application
-  For Jumbo Roll Paper
-  Automatic Slitting & Re-winding
Single Axle Re-Winding
With Auto Tension Control
♦ Paper Slitting & Re-Winding
- For Paper Core Material
• Automatic Tension Control
• Equipped with Expand Roll
• Paper Web Broken Automatic Detect
• Auto/Manual Edge Control
• Hydraulic Loading & Un-loading


■ Main Specification: 
• Width of Roller: 1,400 mm
• Parent Roll Core: 76.2 mm
• Parent Roll Diameter: <1,500 mm
• Parent Roll Basic Weight: 150~700 GSM
• Parent Roll Weight: Below 1.3 Tons
• Finished Roll Shaft: 76.2 mm (Air Shaft)
• Finished Roll Diameter: Below 1,200 mm
• Cutter: Upper knife & lower knife 
• Slitting Width: 30~1,400 mm
• Slitting Speed: 5~300 M/Min


■ Functional Control System: 
• Automatic Tension Unit: Japan "NIRECO"
• Tension Control Brake: 4-Valve Brake (Italy "RE")
• Tension Control Transmission Rod Device: Japan "MITSIBUSHI"

■ Main Functional Device:

(A). Un-winder :
 -  Non-Shaft Clamping System 
 -  Hydraulic Lifter: Max. 3 Tons
 -  Automatic Edge Position Control
 -  Tension Controller: Automatic control
 -  Tension Display: Ammeter (When Manual Adjus)
 -  Clamping System: Width Adjustable Holder (300~1400 mm)

(B). Slitting Seat:
 -  Width Adjustment: Sperating Collar Combination
 -  Slitting Knife: Dynamic Balance Calibrate 
 -  Slitting Knove: Upper SKD-9, Lower SKD-1

(C). Re-winder
 -  Re-winding Method: Single Shaft Surface Re-winding
 -  Unloading: Hydraulic Mechanism

Order Information:
  • Minimum Order: Negotiable
  • Branded Product
Contact Detail
CEO:Mr. F. Y. Lu
Contact:Sales Department
Head Office:12th FL-4, No. 201, Fu-Shing North Road, Taipei 10596, Taiwan
TEL:886-2-87126099 (Rep.)
FAX:886-2-87126096 (Rep.)

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