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66 /66L/66LL Glue Applying Standard Type Labeling Machine

66 /66L/66LL Glue Applying Standard Type Labeling Machine

Adhesive Applying Labeling Machine

Product ID: Glue Applying Type Labeling 66 Series 182)

 General Application:
• The comprehensive and economical labeling system.
• Gluing by cold glue or hot melt glue models to be optional.
• Can be applied for most of shapes
• For wide ranges of industry.
• Can be applied:
-  Offset paper, glasses paper, bright paint paper or tin paper labels
• Can be integrated control with:
-  Wide ranges of automatic feeding system.


• 66 Series: Label Size Max. 180 x 160 mm
• 66 L Series: Label Size Max. 280 x 160 mm
• 66 LL Series: Label Size Max. 280 x 260 mm




A). The suction mouthpiece (1) fits the top label from the hopper stack (2) which is kept fluffed by the blower (3).

B). The combing fingers (4) sharply strip the sides of the label as it is lifted, ensuring positive separation from the next label.

C). As the suction mouthpieces moves forward along the guide track, the label is passed over the  glue-applying roll (5) and receives a thin adhesive film. The immersed fountain-roll (6) rotes slowing and minimizing glue agitation.

D). The front cushion stop (7) limits the forward movement of the suction mouthpiece which descends on to the work.

E). When the label is contact with the work, the vacuum is released and leaves the label in the place on the working substance (8).

F). As the suction mouthpiece retreats, the overhead pressure pad (9) descends. The pressure pad passes the label into intimate, all-over contact with the working substance.

G). The real cushion stop (10) limits the reverse movement of the suction mouthpiece, accurately starting the cycle again over the label hopper.

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